Things to Do in Emacs

How to learn Emacs | IT PRO 22, 2020 · Emacs uses a system of files, buffers, and frames. When you open a file on disk, it appears in a buffer, which is a portion of memory that lets you edit the text in the file.

Fun with Emacs

ergoemacs.orgYou can split your window into two or more panes, vertically or horizontally. Alt + x split-window-below → split top/bottom. Alt + x split-window-right → split side-by-side. Alt + x delete-other-windows → unsplit. Alt + x other-window → move cursor to another pane. (or click mouse) [see Emacs: Split Windows]

Emacs Beginner’s HOWTO: Emacs Modes

tldp.orgModes are what make one editor (Emacs) equally useful for writing documentation, programming in a variety of languages (C, C++, Perl, Python, Java, and many more), creating a home page, sending E-Mail, reading Usenet news, keeping track of your appointments, and even playing games.

What are some amazing things that can be done in …

quora.comThis is a hot candidate for an editor flame war. I’m still tempted to add more fuel to the flames because I’m an Emacs fanboy. Some things in Emacs which Vim can’t beat: The Emacs Lisp dialect. A language makes or breaks an ecosystem. This is one …

Using Emacs org-mode for GTD

lifehack.orgFor programmers/content writers/geeks who use Emacs everyday for their editing and emails, have you ever thinking of merging your Getting Things Done system into your every-can-be-done Emacs? Look no further – Charles Cave has written a manual for implementing GTD in Emacs using Emacs org-mode. Orginially, org-mode is for keeping notes, lists, and managing projects in a simple text system

Org mode beginning at the basics – Org mode for Emacs

orgmode.orgTo start a new document, use the following short-cut: C-x C-f, which will offer you to open a document (or buffer as it is called in Emacs), call it This will give you a brand-new, empty document. To save the document, either press the save icon, or press C-x C-s , call it

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From Vim to Emacs in Fourteen Days – The Chronicle

blog.aaronbieber.comMay 24, 2015 · One of the nicest things about Emacs is that it’s self-documenting. If you want to know what C-x C-c does, you can simply press C-h k to ask for help about a key and then press C-x C-c. Emacs will open the documentation for the function that the key is mapped to, and 99% of Emacs functions are documented.

EmacsWiki: Meta Key Problems

Emacs – Productivity Tricks/Hacks – Yet Another …

mycpu.orgI will provide the configs that works out-of-the-box on my setup (by literally copying from .emacs) First things. tl;dr: If you are impatient to get started skip this section and proceed to the first section with package Helm. I am running Emacs – 26.1 compiled from source. You don’t need to do this to get these features working.

Anyone still using Emacs? – DEV

dev.toJan 21, 2019 · With emacs, if there’s something you can do, then you can change and automate that something for ease of use or use in a larger task to be automated. In terms of UI, one of the best developments from emacs is the idea of major and minor modes.

r/emacs – How do you set a timeout on a command …

reddit.comI know there’s some emacs distros out there that do some arcane stuff to make deferred loading work so well that emacs startup time for huge init.el files is nearly instant, but arcane emacs and emacs-lisp stuff that I don’t undestand is the last thing I want to install into my init.el, and I think the approach that emacs-ludicrous-speed takes …

Emacs/How to Use Emacs – Wikibooks, open books for …

en.wikibooks.orgEverything you do in emacs is function call, even things like pressing individual keys. There is a keymap that maps (or binds) keys, or sequences of keys you press, to function calls. Some of these function calls might interactively ask for input. This is done by popping up a prompt (the mini-prompt) at the bottom of the screen.

key bindings – Emacs Stack Exchange

emacs.stackexchange.comBut also serious things that screws up the Gnus information about mailboxes and mails, and I have to spend hours to try find a backup of those files and get things to a reasonable state again. So first the simple question, is there a way to let emacs produce a "command log"? I.e.

Denver Droid: Cool Things to do in Emacs’ Dired Mode

denverdroid.blogspot.comJul 09, 2011 · You can press C-x C-q to enable editing in this buffer. Then you can change permissions, rename files just like changing text in the buffer. Press C-x C-q again when you done and Emacs will do all renaming and permission changes. Very useful when you have to rename a couple of files. I use it even when I need to rename just one. ;] Reply Delete

GNU Emacs – Guided Tour – GNU Project

emacspeak – Must have Emacs extensions? – Stack …

stackoverflow.comI like being able to make my editor behave exactly as I want it. Consequently, I’ve written a bunch of packages to do tweak things to within an inch of their lives. I’ll list a few at the bottom of the post. Standard packages I’d have trouble living without would include: gnus; tnt – AOL IM client (which I help to maintain) jabber; git-emacs

Where can I find help with Emacs? – Knowledge Base

kb.iu.eduYou have several methods for finding out how to do things in Emacs: The complete text of the Emacs manual is available online via the Info hypertext reader. Press C-h i to invoke Info. You can list all of the commands whose names contain a certain word or match a particular pattern using C-h a (or M-x command-apropos).

12 Super Cool Things to Do on a Mac Computer You …

applegazette.comOne of the really cool things to do on a Mac is load up Preview, the built-in PDF viewer and editor. In Preview, you can annotate and edit PDFs natively, without downloading any other software. If you’d like to add your signature to the document, that’s easy to too!

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doom-emacs/ at develop · …

github.comOct 05, 2020 · A lot of Emacs documentation and help will contain advice to install packages with package.el’s API (e.g. package-install) or with use-package’s :ensure keyword). You are free to do this, if it is your preference, but otherwise, Doom has its own package management system.

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