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GNU Smalltalk Library Reference: String

gnu.orgDefined in namespace Smalltalk Superclass: CharacterArray Category: Collections-Text. My instances represent 8-bit character strings. Being a very common case, they are particularly optimized. Note that, if you care about multilingualization, you should treat String only as an encoded representation of …

GNU Smalltalk – Wikipedia

en.wikipedia.orgGNU Smalltalk is an implementation of the Smalltalk programming language by the GNU Project. The implementation, unlike other Smalltalk environments, uses text files for program input and interprets the contents as Smalltalk code. In this way, GNU Smalltalk acts more like an interpreter rather than an environment in the traditional Smalltalk manner.

A Tutorial for GNU Smalltalk

people.eecs.berkeley.eduGNU Smalltalk is implemented as a virtual instruction set. By invoking GNU Smalltalk with the -d option, you can view the byte opcodes which are generated as files on the command line are loaded.

Smalltalk – GitHub Pages

mvolkmann.github.ioCharacters that look like operators from other programming languages are binary messages in Smalltalk. Many are defined in provided classes and they can also be defined in custom classes. There are a fixed set of them and they are all listed below. +-* / perform arithmetic < <= > >= perform relational comparisons = tests for equality (same values)

syntax in Smalltalk –

rigaux.orgSmalltalk: introduce scope f is a block see also isMemberOf in C++, is range-checked whereas a[i] is not but not using the C-like %-syntax need expandMacros Smalltalk: postfix operator a b c must be constants in C++, it is range-checked whereas a[i] is not. in Smalltalk, for write access: a :at i :put o

Visual Works smalltalk, how to convert Ascii values to …

stackoverflow.comApologies for the << operator, as that is probably a GNU Smalltalk specific construct. I’ve updated the answer. – lurker Jul 24 ’15 at 14:26 hi, just a quick heads up: for VisualWorks the correct operator would be ‘nextPut:’ instead of ‘<<‘ but it works perfectly w/ that …

Learn Smalltalk in Y Minutes

learnxinyminutes.comEverything here except the ^ involves sending more messages. Event the ifTrue: that you might think is a language control structure is just Smalltalk code.. We start by sending size to self.self is the object currently running the code – so in this case it is the myObject we started with.size is a very common message that we might anticipate tells us something about how big an object is; you …

Smalltalk Overview – Computer Action Team

web.cecs.pdx.eduThe Smalltalk compiler is written in Smalltalk itself and is, of course, composed of many classes and methods. The compiler runs in the very same object space as the classes that it is compiling. If you wish, you can modify some method of the compiler itself.

7 Best Smalltalk implementations as of 2020 – Slant

slant.coPharo, Squeak, and GNU Smalltalk are probably your best bets out of the 7 options considered. "Object-Oriented" is the primary reason people pick Pharo over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision.


github.comGNU Smalltalk. Contribute to gnusmalltalk/smalltalk development by creating an account on GitHub.

The Xerox Alto, Smalltalk, and rewriting a running GUI

3.a.4 Installing GNU Smalltalk on Windows GNUstep

pooh.poly.asu.edu3.a.4 Installing GNU Smalltalk on Windows GNUstep. To install on Windows GNUstep. I used the following: Install MinGW-Msys as needed for GNUstep Objective-C (already done):

GNU gettext utilities – 13 Other Programming Languages

mit.edu13 Other Programming Languages. While the presentation of gettext focuses mostly on C and implicitly applies to C++ as well, its scope is far broader than that: Many programming languages, scripting languages and other textual data like GUI resources or package descriptions can make use of the gettext approach.. 13.1 The Language Implementor’s View. All programming and scripting languages that …

smalltalk – RIP Tutorial

riptutorial.comGNU Smalltalk (Windows/Linux/Mac OSX) Dolphin Smalltalk Originally commercial, now free open source. (Windows only) Cuis Smalltalk A Squeak fork with a focus on reducing system complexity. Commercial Smalltalks include: VisualWorks/Cincom Smalltalk Free trial available. VisualAge Smalltalk Originally by IBM, now Instatiations. Free trial available

Tutorial – Smalltalk basics

live.exept.deMost noteworthy is VisualAge Smalltalk, which does not. However, most modern Smalltalks do (Squeak, Visualworks and GNUSmalltalk). So your program may be less portable if you use them. If portability against such old Smalltalk versions is an issue, we recommend at least extracting unicode specific code into easy maintainable extra methods …

Project 3 • Smalltalk : Object Orientation Solution …

sellfy.comSmalltalk is a pure object-oriented language, where everything is an object, and all actions are accomplished by sending messages, even for what in other languages would be control structures. In this project we will be using Gnu Smalltalk, the Smalltalk for those who can type.

GNU Smalltalk – Rosetta Code

rosettacode.orgMay 30, 2020 · GNU Smalltalk is an implementation of the Smalltalk programming language by the GNU Project. For download, see The implementation, unlike other Smalltalk environments, uses text files for program input and interprets the contents as Smalltalk code.

Smalltalk Grammar · GitHub

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