Anarchy just released a chic hiphop song called, Kaam 25

Anarchy official has just released a chic hiphop song called ‘kaam 25 hai, bole to din 25 hain, game over’. The song has a rather funky hiphop tune to it with dance moves to match.

The hiphop crew is definitely making waves in the industry with its creative yet original compositions. The leading artist of the group, Taishi has long been interested in dancing with his inspiration being none other than Hollywood’s Step Up movie franchise. However, he never gave up and has since then evolved himself as the leading hiphop artist whilst creating original content and adding flavor to our local music industry.

Tashi has also represented Pakistan on various international platforms as well and that too on his own expenses. Definitely reverberating his passion and love for hiphop. With the experience and exposure, Taishi will ensue this as a full time profession. There is no doubt hiphop still has to make inroads in the industry and a long way to go. However, Taishi, started this at a grass root level a few years ago and his efforts nevertheless, have been fruitful. This has now become a movement and hopefully, in the next few years many others will join him and pursue their love and passion for hiphop. Until then listen to Kaam 25!

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